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SK-5000A-32V Metal plating Power supply


SK-5000A-32V Metal plating Power supply



1.The technology is advanced :The module gives first place to "IGBT"adopting to enter port the power the power component,
gives first place to ultracrystallite(nanometer crystal)soft magnetism material transformer magnetism core.

2.High efficiency: May save electricity compared with the silicon controlled rectifier 15%-30%.To electroplating enterprise,
Cost reduction brings the important effect into play.

3.The wave,betokens high-accuracy ,good stability,low lines controlling a part adopt the pair the pair of closed cycleunder
the control of tehnnology to make electrified wire netting votltage fluctuation and loads change there be no effect to output.

4.The output voltage,electric current adjustable, and may in stabilizing pressure or the steady flow working two kinds under state,but adapting to different occasion.

5.Physical design the beautiful reasonableness,entirety seal off effect well, may work under adverse circumstances.

6.The protection function all in readiness,has limit pressure, has restricted to the stream, overpressure, stream,hot shot waits to protect a function.



specification Input voltage 3-phase AC415V±10% 50HZ
Reted output voltage 0-32V
Reted out current 5000A
Reted out power 160KW
Range of output
Conditioning At 0 to100% of rated voltages
At 0 to100% of rated currents
Adjustmentrange From 0-100%continuouslyadjustable
Output conditioning method Switching mode
Constant voltage control accuracy Within 1.0%of rated output voltage
Constant current control accuracy Within 1.0%of rated output current
Insulation resistance 5MΩor more
Cooling system Forced aie cooling
condition Loction Indoors
Ambient temperatuer -20-40℃
Relative 30-85%
Altitude 1500 mor less



Can be used for treatment of various metals or plastic and their surfaces, alloy electroplating, as well as production of printing circuit board, sliver,gold,alum

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